Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself Here


Allow me to first let you know that we are honored to have you join Anime Tribes. We are hoping that we can get to know each other better and make this one kick ass community, after all what better ways to make this place great than to have awesome Otakus that interact, discover and know how to have fun.

As for us, we are devoted to make this the perfect heaven for you all and are working hard to improve and add new features to the site. Bottom line is, if you have any idea how to make the site a better place for you, we would like to hear it.

The current version of the site allows your to share interesting and fun posts, and basically the more you participate in this site, the more levels your earned. As far as we know this is unlike any other social sites and anime forums that offers such purity in terms of anime related content that’s driven by community. On top of that, we intent to only make it better!

What Can You Post?

  1. Hilarious Anime Memes and Scenes
  2. Japan/Anime Videos from Youtube
  3. Anime/Manga News
  4. Anime/Manga Episode Discussion
  5. Role Play Topic


  1. Be nice and have fun!
  2. Submit post with the right type and category.
  3. No spamming

Leveling Tips

  1. Posting, voting and commenting will all earn you level.
  2. If your posts gain votes and comments, you will level up from those too.

Commenting Tips

  1. If you post an image URL to the comment box, the picture will be shown after posted.
  2. You may search images from memeful, imgur, gifphy and other sites like google images.
  3. Comment can be edited within 15 mins after posting.

With that said, let’s play a game shall we?

Please introduce yourself by telling about your awesome self and then include an image of an anime character that best represents you.